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Saturday, October 9, 2010

FREE CROCHET PATTERN: cathedral snow flake pattern

I have started thinking about Christmas. This is a snowflake ornament I came up with yesterday. It seems my head cold hasn't slowed my creative juices like it has my energy level! The photo is before blocking and starching. Back ground is the photo from the magazine pattern I adapted.

by Sarah Forbes
Adapted from June 1992 Magic Crochet pg 66

Size: approx 4" diam.

Small amount of white crochet cotton
US size 11 hook

Special Stitch:
Picot 1 (P1)- sc in next sp, ch5, sl st in same space
Picot 2 (P2) sc in next sp, ch3, sl st in same space

Ch 10 and join with sl st
1: ch 1, 16 sc in ring, join with sl st to 1st sc
2: ch 3, (1 dc in sc, ch 1), 16x, join with sl st.
3:  ch 1 (sc in dc, 2sc in ch-1 sp, p in next sc, 2dc in ch-1 sp), rep 7x, join w/ sl st to beg ch-1
4: ch 1 sc in same sp, (ch 11, 2 sc, 1  P1, 2 sc, sc in next sc) rep 6x, ch 11 join w/ sl st to beg ch 1.
5: ch 1, sc in each ch around, sk all sc of row 4, join w/ sl st to beg ch1
6: sl st in next 4 sc, ch 3, *(dc in next sc, ch1) rep 6x, sk next 6 sc* rep from * to * 7x, join w/ sl st to beg  ch=1 (8 shells made)
7: ch 1, *P2 in sp between shells of row 6, (sc in top sc, 2 sc between dc,) 3x, P2, (sc in top sc, 2 sc between dc,) 3x,* rep for each shell., join with sl st to beg ch-1
fasten off block and starch.
Attach ribbon through picot for hanger.

Pattern has not been tested. Please notify me if you have any troubles.

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